A comprehensive range of credit card and chip and pin rolls.

We offer a comprehensive range of credit card and chip and pin rolls. We can supply thermal rolls and two-ply paper. We supply rolls that will fit all machines on the market.

In today’s market for small diameter rolls, it is becoming more important to check the type of paper you are buying. There are imports available offering thick, inferior paper which yields around 30% less length per roll!

So whilst you might see a low price on the internet – are you actually getting value for money?

At Premvantillrolls you can be assured you are buying a quality paper with a sensible length which offers quality and superb value.

We are always happy to offer guidance and advice and will even check your paper for you to evaluate just what you are buying so that you can make a reasoned choice.

Buying a quality paper means fewer changes of rolls, less downtime, more working time for your staff.

So – please call us to identify the correct size for your terminal and we will be open as to what we will supply in terms of diameter and length… can your supplier offer this?



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