BPA & Phenol Free – The Transition Explained

On January 2nd 2020, changes are coming to the way retailers must buy thermal paper rolls.

On December 12th 2016, there was a directive set out by the EU which stated that thermal paper had to become BPA free as of January 2020.

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical in the makeup of thermal paper and has already been removed from many plastics that we come into regular contact with and now it is to be taken out of the composition of the coating of thermal paper. It has been deemed as safe by the Foods Standards Agency… see report; link here: https://www.food.gov.uk/safety-hygiene/bpa-in-plastic

The directive means that all stocks of paper that contain BPA must be out of the supply chain by this date.

As a retailer, you will no doubt have seen a steady rise in the cost of thermal paper due to the Leuco dye problem from 2017 and any further cost increases we understand would be unwelcome. Here is where we hope we can help.

We have worked hard on putting pressure on the mills we buy raw material from and we can, in many cases, now supply BPA Free Paper rolls at no increase in cost to you (depending on the size of roll you purchase).

If you find your supplier is making unreasonable increases, then please call us for a quote. You will find we are the most competitive supplier in the UK.

We believe that retailers need to make the change on or around the third quarter of 2019 so that they will be using BPA free paper by the start of Q4 and thereby conform to the regulations set out in the directive by January 2nd 2020.

We have been seeing many retailers already switching to BPA free paper so should you wish to make the transition earlier we will be happy to discuss this in more detail and let you know any cost implications associated with it.

There is also a paper which is Phenol free, which is much more expensive, but we hold in stock and would be happy to quote on should this be a priority to you.

We understand that this could be a confusing time for retailers so please do pick up the phone and talk to us to get further clarification should you need it.

All grades are available in BPA Free format: 65gsm, 58gsm, 55gsm and 48gsm.

Please call us on 0845 222 9000 or email sales@premvan.com for a quote or any other information…


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